#Tankatuesday is quite a challenge this week. To celebrate Colleen M. Chesebro’s birthday, we are asked to write a poem with 65 syllables. We also get to name our poem type, and I’m calling mine a “Jinx” because it has 13 lines. Each line has five syllables, totaling 65. Believe me, that math was not easy for me.



Falling up the stairs. 

Step on the stair that 

Is not there. Find your 

Balance or fall down. 

Feel the flailing fear. 


Black cats, cracked mirrors. 

Walk under ladders. 

No thirteenth floor, no 

Button for thirteen 

in elevators 


We walk away from 

Our superstitions 

And we gain true strength.  


Here is the link to the challenge!

21 thoughts on “Jinx

  1. Oh! Bless that was my mum she had a superstition for every occasion, if we were not saluting magpies, or catching the first leaf of autumn we were waiting for someone to pick our dropped glove up or hiding our feet because our socks were inside out…..
    Loved your poem


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