Ask Boz – Chicken or the Egg

Dear Ask Boz,

Chicken, egg, or other options?


The answer to “other options”? The Egg and Chicken sandwich. 

See, God had just created the Earth, and saw that it was good. He called down the angels and gave them physical form, so they could enjoy it before He made more stuff. But it turns out that anything with a body gets hungry, so God had to feed them. That’s when He made plants, but they got super-tired of roots and tubers pretty quick. And they’re allergic to nuts. 

You know how angels can complain, and God figured “I’ll just skip to making animals.” But then He’d have to slaughter them, and process them, and cook them, and He had other things to do, you know? So He just went ahead and made them chicken and egg sandwiches.  

The angels LOVED them. But they have huge appetites. So, He was spending all his time making sandwiches. 

Realizing this wasn’t sustainable, He returned the angels to their spiritual forms. Then, on the sixth day when He created animals, He created them pregnant. See, He didn’t want the first thing Adam and Eve saw to be a bunch of animals carrying on with each other. He wanted to keep them innocent. We all know how that worked out, but anyways.  

So, the answer to “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” is BOTH.