Anna! For #sundaystills

The photo challenge this week is pets and playgrounds. So here is a picture of my little love Anna.

She is chilling on the back deck living her best dog life! Anna is a nearly perfect dog in my opinion. She his not too big, has a very sweet nature, loves to hike, but is totally chill when we are relaxing. She has done maybe two “bad” things in her 13 years. We love her so much, and of course she returns the favor.

Check out the photo challenge here and post your pet!

Woven Forest

I’m always trying to capture the way snowy branches look woven together. This picture does a decent job of capturing this.

I love the way snow turns the winter forest into a black and white landscape. This beauty is so wonderfully contrasting to the colorful loveliness of spring, summer and fall. Snow takes away the starkness of winter, giving brightness to the otherwise dulled colors.

Also, Anna is a cutie pie.