Wild life

On my first day of school, just before I got in my car, I saw a heron fly by my house. Herons are special to me, I think of them as my spirit bird. So seeing one on my first day gave me a very positive feeling.

Today on my drive in there were three buck deers crossing the road in front of me. It’s pretty rare to see deers with horns. I then saw a doe around the corner and wondered if the guys were looking for her.

I feel very honored and humbled when I see wild animals. It also makes me feel special. Timing of such things need to be perfect, and I like to think that these sightings are a sign that I’m aligned with my day and have the power to make it a great one.


Blue Heron  

standing in the shallows: 

Stick legs 

Knot knees 

Twig toes 


Do you always have one leg raised 

Or is that the way I want to picture you? 


The way your body curves 

Into your long neck 

Curls into your head 

Pointing with your beak. 


Immobile elegance 

Poised to strike 





Immobile elegance 


Outside of time 


Do you always fly by yourself? 

You are solitary  


The steady, slow wing pace 

Makes me think you are flying in place 

Makes me think you don’t know alone 


When you are above me 

You are so many things 

A seamless assembly of geometry 








Straight and curling 

Never bent or crooked  

You are dignity  


Except that one time: 

I surprise you in the small pond 

So close to the trail 

My hiker quiet feet don’t warn you 

Anna’s dog-pad paws hush on the packed dirt 


You jump up, water thunder wing crash 


The trees are close around you 

The escape angle steep 


You labor, heavy strokes 

Slap the air 

Unsteadily ascend 

Somehow find a hole in the canopy 

Escape from me 

With my hand reached out toward you 

Trying to bring you back 


It’s too late let to tell you that I love you