You Got This

I started noticing these painted stones on hikes during the pandemic. The messages were always encouraging, sometimes heartwarming, sometimes funny. I loved the sense I got of the person behind them: empathic, positive, artistic and creative.  

Though it is only a painted stone, for a moment I felt connected to someone else, a person who wished me well, just as I did them. This is an important feeling to have, and these stones genuinely helped me on my way. 

I’m happy someone is still painting them. We still need these messages of hope and solace.  

Once of Hope

This is a poem that came from a student mistake, writing “once of hope” instead of “ounce of hope.”

How an ounce of hope 

Becomes a once of hope 

That once of hope lasts to this day 

Is in these words 

Is in every page I've written


This endless dream 

Started with a pencil 

Scribbling inside the blue lines 

On them 

Across them 


This true belief 

Belied by reality 

Given the smallest sustenance 

10 dollars 

Poems in print 

Stories imprinted in the cloud 


Yet the once of hope endures 

It was hoped so strong 

Multiplying from the ounce of hope

It once came from