A Dream Come True

A dream came true for me yesterday! I was interviewed by Victoria Onofrei for the radio show “Victoria in Verse”.  

If you know me, you know the opportunity to talk about MYSELF FOR AN HOUR was exciting. I read four poems, told a story, and talked at length about family, teaching, writing, and playing Ultimate Frisbee. Basically, I got to talk about every part of my life that I care about and invest time into.  

Victoria was a wonderful interviewer! The Zoom format was so familiar and comfortable, it was honestly like talking to a good friend. She kept the interview moving by asking a variety of questions. I feel like it is going to make great listening.  

The planned broadcast date is this coming Sunday, March 12th. Of course, I will share the link for those of you that are interested in listening.  

Ask Boz: Top 2 Interview Questions

Dear Ask Boz,

I am doing a significant amount of hiring new people at work. What two questions do you feel are most impactful in understanding a person in an interview?  

Thanks, Andy 

Great timing on this question, Andy. Workers have their choice of so many jobs now, so getting the right fit for your company is harder than ever. That’s why I would skip the classics like “What’s your biggest weakness?” or “Why do you want to work here?” The interviewee is totally prepared for those questions. If you really want to find out that they have what it takes, there is only one solution: confuse them. The way to do this? Ask questions that don’t make sense.  

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