Old Friend

This was an hour ago. I was alerted by Anna barking. He stood their calmly, not placid, eyeing Anna with concern but not fright.

He stood still as I took pictures, took the time just to look at him. The intelligence in his eyes reminded me of wisdom, an idea supported by the white shading his brown coat.

My Story 1: “The Missing Antler” He lost the antler but won the fight.

My Feelings: Blessed. Fortunate. Aligned. Humbled.

My Story 2: “Grey Mein” Age withers but does not defeat.

My Fantasy: Spirit of an old god. Patron of flight and fight. Master of camouflage.

My Feelings 2: Fear that if I step out of line this kind of thing won’t happen to me anymore.

My Belief: Be an animal.

I called him “Old Friend” maybe 6 times. The last was when he finally ran. I said it and he stopped and looked back at me. I said “Goodbye, Old Friend.”