Sometimes you have to take a video

I’m a big proponent of being in the moment. I often resist the urge to take a picture or a video so I can focus on appreciating what is in front of me.

But there are times when I feel the need to record the moment and share it. After taking in the scene above, I had to take out my camera. It was just too beautiful.

Woven Forest

I’m always trying to capture the way snowy branches look woven together. This picture does a decent job of capturing this.

I love the way snow turns the winter forest into a black and white landscape. This beauty is so wonderfully contrasting to the colorful loveliness of spring, summer and fall. Snow takes away the starkness of winter, giving brightness to the otherwise dulled colors.

Also, Anna is a cutie pie.

Backyard Beauty

A long time ago, my wife and I were looking at a waterfall in a warm, exotic country. The falls were magnificent, yet she turned to me and asked “Is this any more beautiful than the waterfall we hike to at home?”

It’s still a good question. Yes, going to a foreign land and witnessing its grandeur adds to the power of the view. Yet I think it’s equally important to appreciate the beauty in our own communities, our own yards. Pay the money to go see all the beautiful sights of faraway places, but don’t neglect to appreciate the flowers that grow in our own small gardens.