Reverse Cinquain for #tankatuesday

Tall pines

More still than a seventh grader

Strong, firm, and evergreen

Subtle wind shift

Life map

This weeks challenge was to write about what you see through your window. I was in class when I read the prompt, so I decided to use my wonderfully large windows as an inspiration.

I don’t think I quite expressed the contrast between the stillness of the trees and the restlessness of the student, but that’s what I’m going for.

Join the challenge here.

Poetry Reading

Reading my poem “Garlic Press” for my radio interview with Victoria Onefrei. Link for the show will be coming as soon as I have it!

Garlic Press

For its mechanical ferocity 

Consider the garlic press:  

The most aggressive kitchen tool 

More violent than the tenderizer. 

Peel the transparent husk 

Push the shiny bulb 

Down into the cup 

Pressing its arched back 

Over the grid of holes 

Line up the plunger – 

Hinged silver block 

Created to crush – 

Grip the handles 


Pressing the bulb into the screen 

Pushing past its initial resistance 

Until it breaks 

Garlic pulps through holes 

Splattering in shafts  

Splashing into the dish. 

A Dream Come True

A dream came true for me yesterday! I was interviewed by Victoria Onofrei for the radio show “Victoria in Verse”.  

If you know me, you know the opportunity to talk about MYSELF FOR AN HOUR was exciting. I read four poems, told a story, and talked at length about family, teaching, writing, and playing Ultimate Frisbee. Basically, I got to talk about every part of my life that I care about and invest time into.  

Victoria was a wonderful interviewer! The Zoom format was so familiar and comfortable, it was honestly like talking to a good friend. She kept the interview moving by asking a variety of questions. I feel like it is going to make great listening.  

The planned broadcast date is this coming Sunday, March 12th. Of course, I will share the link for those of you that are interested in listening.