My dreams come true. Slowly.

Farm Kitchen

Patty and I saw this stove around the year 2000. We instantly fell in love with it, and began to build a dream kitchen around it. But it seemed it would always remain a dream.

Money was the first problem. Not only are Elmira Stoves expensive, but paying to have a kitchen remodeled was way beyond our budget. It seemed like we would have to settle for a regular remodel with a standard stove. But anything would be better than our outdated 1970’s avocado green appliances.

That’s when my creativity evolved. I redid two bathrooms. We were both satisfied with my work, but it took me a really long time. When I redid the bathroom Patty uses, I asked her to make a deal: If I could deliver professional quality work in a reasonable time frame, then I would redo the kitchen. When she saw the bathroom I created, Patty agreed!

Of course, the “reward” was spending a summer break demoing the old kitchen (DEMO IS FUN!) and building the new one. It was a daunting process, and I had to learn a lot of skills. But we are in love with the kitchen to this day.

I learned that if I want my dreams to come true, then I have to do it myself. I’ve embraced the DIY lifestyle, and the result has been meaningful accomplishments.

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