Storytelling is a Foundation

I wrote the other day about the Thoreau quote that talks about putting the foundation under your dreams. Live Storytelling has been part of my foundation. I love it. One reason is I love performing and being the center of attention. But that’s not the real lesson.

What telling true stories in front of an audience has taught me is:

  • How to shorten my stories to give them more punch
  • How to craft stories for an audience
  • The value of the immediate feedback from an audience

Writing doesn’t give much feedback. So knowing people like my stories gave me a lot more confidence. I’ve always thought of my audience so that just supported what I already knew.

But writing with brevity is not something I did in the past. It has really helped me be a better storyteller, and, I hope, blog writer. I’m trying to keep my entries short so that people can relax, enjoy them, and hopefully get something out of them.

I thank you again for being my audience. I’d love to hear from you in the comments. I do not collect emails in the comment form, in case that matters.

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