Smelt Fight part 3

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My roommate Rob and I asked Dan if we could go talk to Samantha to apologize. At first he said no, but he knew us well enough that he realized we were really sorry. 

Samantha had her back turned to us and was wiping her eyes. I started to apologize, needing to make sure that she knew I was sincere. I said that we realized how disrespectful and hurtful our behavior was, and that she didn’t deserve our actions.  

Eventually she looked at us, and she accepted our apology, though she said she was still mad. 

The next day, Dan and Samantha called Rob and I over. She asked us what she would like for meals. We gave her some ideas, and suggested that she ask more of us.  

This began a change. Samantha admitted that she was trying too hard to be like Jim, and she just needed to be herself.  

The food got better. And our connection to Samantha deepened. We were genuinely sad to see her go when Jim came back, though, admittedly, our mouths and stomachs celebrated.  

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