The Path of Small Achievements

I wrote yesterday about enjoying each small success with Tao of Thoreau: each book I sell, the pocket change I earn per edition.  

I am developing a philosophy that goes with this: the path of small achievements.  

About 5 years ago I decided to start going to poetry open mics. It was so much fun! I got to read my work and get applause, sometimes even hooting (my wife always counts the hoots).  

Next, my wife encouraged me to pursue live storytelling. I enjoyed the process of taking classes, and of course performing in front of an audience. More applause and more hooting!

The confidence and joy I gained from these experiences led directly to deciding to self-publish Tao of Thoreau. I consider self-publishing all small achievement because it is accessible to anyone. Now each sale is another success, and I take joy out of each volume sold.  

I now see a future full of these small opportunities. I am determined to celebrate each achievement, even if they are as simple as getting my book in a library, or putting a volume in a “give a book, take a book” roadside book exchange.  

It goes with the familiar idea of enjoying the journey and not the destination. I spent too long dreaming; now I am going to spend my time living and achieving.  

2 thoughts on “The Path of Small Achievements

  1. Thank you Mark and your loving wife. I’m a retired professor of Philosophy, taught for 53 years, western tradition, Thoreau and American Trascendentalist. Now old, sick, on the verge of Returning Home. Maybe never left .
    Started reading Tao. Found you book. You’ve got something going inside, my friend. Pursue. Your Soul is calling you to share. Go!


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