Go Streaking!

I find streaks extremely motivational. I am at a 300 day step streak on Fitbit. My goal is 13000 steps a day. This means I am doing at least 6 1/2 miles of physical activity daily. This keeps me at a reasonable fitness level, though I could be doing better in that regard.

Part of my motivation, always, is inspiration. Clearly, this is the positive side of the streak. The other part that motivates me is fear. Fear that I will miss a day and lose my streak. It may not sound like a big deal, but I’m a “know thyself” person. The last time I lost my streak, I didn’t get back on it for three months. So the concern is not losing the exercise for a day, but for weeks or months.

My second streak is here. I am on a 150 day steak posting to my blog. Sometimes it is a struggle: I don’t want to post crap content. That’s why I always have my eye out for a good picture. If its a day that I’m not likely to be able to write an article or poem, I am hopeful one of my nature pics is at least a nice glance for my followers and viewers.

This streak definitely motivates me to write more, to try to figure out a topic that I think is interesting enough to publish. I’ve also given myself permission to write fast. My past is full of time I spent editing, which now I feel may have been better spent publishing.

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