Disc Golf – maybe I don’t hate you

In my prime, I was a good Ultimate Frisbee player. I am still very handy with a disc, although I’m obviously not as fast as I used to be.

So you’d think it would follow that I would be good at Disc Golf. But consistently, over decades, I have at best been mediocre, and at worst I was the guy always losing his disc in the woods and holding up the round forever looking for it.

But yesterday was different. My good friend wants me to get back into it, especially since we’re not playing as much Ultimate as we used to. So he arranged a round where we played “best disc” – we would take the longest throw made by our group of three, and take the next throw from that spot.

I had a good group, so I felt no pressure to play well. And I actually … PLAYED WELL! I even contributed some solid throws as my team took most holes.

I learned two things: my friend is really considerate, and that maybe I like Disc Golf after all.

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