Ask Boz – Soft taco vs. Grilled Cheese

In our last episode, we found out how a hard-shelled taco would do against a grilled cheese sandwich in a fight. Here is part two

  • Soft Shell (Mollibus) vs. Grilled Cheese (Rhoncus Caseus) 
    A much different result was found when the soft-shell taco matched up with the grilled cheese sandwich. 
    First of all, a soft shell can absorb punishment much like a grilled cheese can. Due to its durability and increased mobility, this taco can then deliver ranged punishment by firing hot sauce at its opponent. 
    But it turns out that sour cream is the wildcard. While hot sauce is tomato based, and thus similar to grilled cheese’s best friend tomato soup (Lycopersici Susceptibility Elit), sour cream is completely foreign to grilled cheese. While it seems to do no physical harm, the sandwich will retreat and cower when doused with sour cream. Our scientist theorize that it destroys the grilled cheese’s sense of self, filling it with doubt and questions about the true nature of existence. 
    Winner: Soft Taco. 

Since you probably saw it on the news, we regret the fact that two of our researchers have been accused of running an illegal food fighting ring. Our internal investigation showed that several of our more aggressive test foods would disappear for days, and return with unexplained wounds in their bread/shell. I assure you that neither Ask Boz or any of its subsidiaries promote, participate in, or in any way support, betting on illegal or unregulated food fights. 

The researchers have been reassigned to the cafeteria, where they will be unable to exploit food anymore. 


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