Opposites for #tankatuesday

This Tuesday’s challenge is to find synonyms for “work” and “play”, and then write about these two potential opposites.

Can be playful
Though sometimes it's painful.
A serious gamer
Forgets the fun
For wins

Mine is a “Badger’s Hexastitch” which makes me think of a very smart badger writing poems and crocheting. It does not rhyme, and the syllables are 2-4-6-6-4-2.

Join the fun here. You have all week to make your poem.

17 thoughts on “Opposites for #tankatuesday

  1. Nice work and very relatable! Like Yvette, I also have a son who is a “serious gamer” and loves to express his frustrations at the screen. I think he’s still having fun, but I wonder sometimes lol.


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