Ask Boz – Soup or Salad?

Dear Ask Boz,

Soup or salad?

Considered only second to “Chicken or the egg”, this question has been pondered through the centuries. Here’s just a sampling: 

Most people believe that the ancient Chinese yin and yang symbol represents the flow of opposites merging and seperating in a constant spinning dance of harmony. This is true, but what is under-reported is that originally it was about the flow of soup becoming salad, and then salad returning to soup. So to the Chinese, the answer to your question would be “Yes.” 

Shakespeare wrestled with this question in his little known play “Hamlet 2 – Zombie Ophelia”. Here is an excerpt from a soliloquy:  

To slurp or chew
That is the question 
Whether ‘tis healthier in the mouth to sip 
The broth and marrow of hearty soup 
Or to take a fork to a sea of vegetables 
And by chewing, eat them. 

It goes on. I mean, it’s Shakespeare. I’m pretty sure he comes down on the soup side, but it’s open to interpretation. 

Centuries later, controversial philosopher Friedrich Nietzche made his choice very clear: “There is no soup.”  

For me, though, I’m going with salad. Like the one Patty makes with the veggies, of course, but also some MEAT and CHEESE!!! Nom nom nom! 



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