Dear Ask Boz

Dear Ask Boz,

What are the steps to replacing a windshield on a Skid Steer?  

Dear Dave,  

As you know, Dave, the steps vary widely according to model. We have listed some Skid Steer models with the basic steps to replace the windshield for each. 

  • On the X-50, simply do the following: Shift the quadrilateral O-rings to their “release” settings. This unlocks the anterial focastle, allowing the windshield to swing free. At this point, with a screwdriver or an anvil, you can remove the existing windshield. To install the new windshield, simple reverse the previous steps, ending with the quadrilateral O-rings at the “acceptance” setting. 
  • The X-373 features the “bio-organixshield” windshield. The windshield is a living thing, and will replicate itself. So just be patient, especially if it’s cold out. 
  • You are lucky if it is 1969’s “Yellow Skidsteerine” windshield you want to replace. Only 10 of these babies were produced during the short-lived Beatles sponsorship deal with Bobcat. They feature 8 seats, and over a thousand different controls – many of which, quite honestly, just are swirly things that morph from flowers to switches then back to flowers. The portholes are wicked hard to replace, but the windshield can be replaced with the same instructions for the X-50. PLEASE NOTE: Due to warranty requirements, Ravi Shankar must be present during the replacement. 
  • If you are replacing the windshield for Bobcat Transformer series “Bobtimus Prime,” then good news!! The windshield is part of the vehicle/robot safety system so it is covered by insurance. 
  • If you have the special edition Stephen King Christine Skid Steer, the windshield actually repairs itself. Because it is possessed by an evil spirit. Oh, and RUN!!! And hide!!! Even though it is useless because she will find you. And she will kill you and everyone you have ever loved. In really gruesome ways that only a possessed tractor with these easy to swap attachments can. 

For the Valentine’s Day Skid Steer or the Hugh Hefner SkidBunny, please consult the answer published by Ask Boz After Dark


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